An online presence…

1. This site is a sampler of images of art work I have produced.

2. If you hit the “…Type?” tab, you should be able to link by categories.

3. It is meant to give a point of contact, something basic to connect you to me.

4.  It was written as a Fine Arts Portfolio: It is designed to display the range and accomplishment in my work using select images of a few works, introducing my path and direction (what to expect of me) in both my content and media choices.

5. It includes some of my work with Bricoteer Experiments Theatrebut does NOT represent my theatre practice in general or the company in specific.

6. Here is a bit about me and making websites:

7. I love an original well designed website… but this website is just Helvetica on medium weight eggshell paper. I think it’s navigable and readable.

8. I have not developed “web presence“… its not what I do, or have done – Making images for the web, or making an image for myself on the web. Sometimes I have collected pixels, but have not designed live work with pixels in the plan. My documentation, if it exists, is frequently  analogue.  Clearly, I have not even figured out how to make an online image that suggests a earthy and mysterious online absence. Nor have I yet invented how to speak to the whole village without being apoplectically apologetic!

9. So much beauty is possible in online connect-lives: There is honesty and also fabrication – artful and otherwise. For now, I am not beautiful, or an artful dodger, I am simple:  Just put together, not all dressed up…

10. Just a start to connect you to me.